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January - July 2019: National Schools Storytelling Tour, England

Craig is delighted to spend six months touring England performing stories in a wide range of schools, community and educational spaces. Seventeen schools across the country will be delighted with tales as diverse as Greek mythology, European fairy tales, Ramayana, as well as Craig’s signature interactive folktales.

The tour includes regular weekly performances with early years and key stage 1 children, sessions for families and CPD workshops for teachers.



September 23rd - October 4th 2018: ‘Magia Cuvan’ International Storytelling Festival, Romania

Craig is delighted to be performing for the first time at the ‘Magic Cuvan International Storytelling Festival’ in Romania. The festival will see Craig join storytellers from France, Denmark, India and from across Romania to travel the country sharing stories and performances for children and their families.


October 19th - October 25th: 1st Korea International Storytelling Festival, South Korea

Craig is honoured to be representing the UK at the first ever international storytelling festival in South Korea. He will be performing alongside stories from across the globe: Thailand, India, Singapore, Denmark, Romania, Italy and the United States of America.

Craig will be sharing a collection of his favourite folktales alongside an extra special commission of performances adapted from the 'The Happy Prince and Other Tales’ by Oscar Wilde.

November 23rd - November 24th 2018: FEAST Conference, Singapore

Craig is delighted to be delivering a workshop at the 1st Annual Federation of Asian Storytellers (FEAST) conference. The workshop entitled ‘Stay and Play: Story Games’ will be run alongside Ariyo Faridh Zidni from Indonesia and will allow participants to learn some fun and exciting story games to creatively explore the stories they tell. 


November 25th: 398.2 Storytelling Festival, Singapore

Craig is delighted to be performing at the 398.2 Storytelling Festival for the second year in a row. The festival - titled after the Dewey classification for fairytales in the Library- is a 2 day FREE festival celebrating storytelling (in all its forms) with performances from amateur and professional storytellers from Singapore and across the world.



April – July 2018: School Performances, London and Kent

Craig will be entertaining children across London and Kent as he performs stories for schools, nurseries and children’s centres. These sessions will consist of storytelling performances, weekend sessions and workshops for families, as well as regular weekly sessions in two primary schools in which Craig (and the children) will explore the folktales of Anansi the spider and the Indian epic Ramayana.


May 13th 2018: Story Time with Craig Jenkins, Blue Elephant Theatre

Craig invites you all to enjoy an afternoon of fun, laughs, songs and stories with Story Time with Craig Jenkins - classic folktales from across the world. 

With a playful and interactive style, this 50 minute show is a perfect Sunday afternoon treat for children aged 5+ and their families. There will be two shows - one at 2:00pm and one at 4:00pm. Tickets can be booked

The shows have been supported by 'Apples and Pears' - a UK based charity that gives children under 12 and their families the opportunity to discover inspiring educational, social and cultural activities through awarding grants to organisations who can run or host our group trips programme.

Craig is honoured that some of the vulnerable children at the afternoons performances will be joining as part of a group trip - supported by Apples and Pears- and will be able to join in the fun free of charge.

June 30th - July 7th 2018: POP UP Storytelling, London

Craig Jenkins will be POPping up at a number of community events across London as he entertains children and their families with his contemporary twists on classic folk and fairy tales. Sing, dance, laugh and enjoy as Craig shares hilarious stories that are inspired by POP art and popular culture.

Pop! Show-2.png


July 20th - August 15th 2018: Kattaikkuttu Festival 2018, Tamil Nadu, South India

 Craig Jenkins will be writing and directing a piece of storytelling theatre with a group of young professional performers. The performance will be inspired by the kattaikkuttu (or 'terukkuttu') theatre tradition and will be the opening performance for this annual all-night festival in the village of Punjairasantankal, Kanchipuram on the 14th of August 2018. 


23rd of August - 1st of September 2018: Under The Aalamaram International Storytelling Festival 2018

 Craig Jenkins will return to the Under The Aalamaram International Storytelling Festival 2018 for the fourth year running! Craig will be performing in cities across Tamil Nadu, South India, delighting audiences with his high-energy and interactive stories. He will also be running a workshop entitled ‘Stay and Play: Storytelling Games for Children’ in which teachers, performers, parents and carers can learn a variety of story based games that can be used to help children creatively explore stories.

3rd of September  - 12th of September 2018: Storytelling Tour, Thailand

Craig is delighted to be touring Thailand this September with a series of school shows, private house concerts and teacher and performer workshops in Bangkok, Pattaya and Chon Buri. 


September 14th - September 18th 2018: Storytelling Tour, Malaysia

Craig is excited to be taking to the road and touring a number of cities in Malaysia with his storytelling performances and workshops. He will be travelling to Kuala Lumpur, Kuantan and Mentakab for performances for university students, shows for children and their families, as well as running workshops for adults interested in learning the art of storytelling.





January 8th - February 6th 2018: Schools Tour of London and the South East of England

Craig will be entertaining children across 14 schools across the UK (including four new schools and seven London boroughs). The tour will consist of storytelling performances, weekend sessions, workshops for teachers and workshops for families.


February 9th - February 10th: International Folklore Festival 2018, Thailand

Craig is delighted to be featured at the International Folklore Festival 2018 alongside international storytellers from Italy, Taiwan and Malaysia. Craig will be performing a collection of English Fairy Tales as well as running an extra special workshop for children entitled 'Stay and Play: Fun, Games and Stories'. 



February 17th - February 18th: WESTORYTELLER Thailand Storytelling Space, Bangkok, Thailand

Craig is excited to be running a series of performances and workshops at WESTORYTELLER Thailand Storytelling Space n February. These will include two family friendly performances: Once Upon a Time: English Fairy Tales and Boom, Chikka, Boom: Indian Fairy Tales, as well as two adult storytelling workshops: Fun with Fables and Storytelling Without Words.


February 16th - February 20th: International schools Tour, Thailand

Craig will be visiting a number of international schools to share stories and fun with the children. He will also be performing and running an arts and crafts workshop at Boon Choo Centre, for children with physical and mental disabilities.


February 24th: Storytelling Show, Kattaikkuttu Sangam, India

Craig will be making a 'surprise' appearance at the Kattaikkuttu Sangam, Tamil Nadu, India for a day of storytelling performances and workshops.


February 25th: Pudiyador, Chennai

After the overwhelming success of his workshop for teachers last year, Craig has been invited back to work with Chennai based NGO Pudiyador to run follow up training for their staff as well as a special evening storytelling session for the older children of urur-kuppam (seaside slums).



February 26th: One All, Chennai

Craig is very honoured to be invited to work with 'One All': a Chennai based NGO working with disadvantaged children across the city. His evening session will see him performing on the beach (for the first time!) for a group of teenagers and their friends.


March 10th- Story Sanctuary, Storytelling Association (Singapore), Singapore

Craig will be running full day workshop entitled 'Story Sanctuary: Tools and Techniques for Using Storytelling with Vulnerable Groups' for the Storytelling Association (Singapore). The workshop will explore practical methods of using stories to meet the needs of specific vulnerable groups. 

To book a place on the workshop, please click HERE


April 2nd - April 7th- Children's Festival, Children's Museum of Art, Taiwan

Craig is delighted to be invited to Taiwan (for the first time!) to be the special international guest at the National Children's Festival held at the Children's Museum of Art. Craig will be performing for children and their families as well as running workshops for teachers and aspiring performers.

Craig gives thanks to the British Council, Taiwan for sponsoring this trip. 





September 19th - October 18th: Kattaikkuttu Gurukulam, Kanchipuram, South India

Following the success of his recent project, Craig has been invited back to run two short storytelling projects with the 7th, 8th and 9th standard students. The first will follow on from The Little Mermaid and will allow the students to retell the story of Snow White - without words. The second will be a project that trains a group of twelve young storytellers to create and perform at their own mini storytelling festival. The festival will be hosted in different rooms around their school and will invite their friends and families to listen to a collection of their favourite stories. The festival will end with a special performance by Craig. 


October 7th - October 8th 2017: Pudiyador, Chennai

Craig will be spending two days with Chennai based  NGO Pudiyador - volunteering within their extra curricular activities for underprivileged children in the city and the sea-side slums. Craig will be performing a number of interactive storytelling sessions as well as offering teacher training on storytelling and creative education.



October 28th - October 29th 2017: Penang International Kids Storytelling Festival (PINKS), Malaysia

Craig is delighted to be a featured teller at the Penang International Kids Storytelling Festival (PINKS) 2017. He will be perfoming alongside incredible storytellers from Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, India, Thailand, Australia, the UK and the USA. 



November 4th - November 13th: Indonesia International Storytelling Festival, Indonesia

Craig is delighted to return to Indonesia to participate in the Indonesian International Storytelling Festival 2017 for the second year running. He will share a collection of high-energy and interactive folktales based around the theme of 'magic' and will run a series of workshops exploring different storytelling techniques for parents, teachers and performers. Craig will be featured as a teller at the main festival in Jakarta (Saturday the 4th and Sunday the 5th of November) before taking his stories on the road and heading to Bintaro,  Bandung, Yogyakarta and Surabaya to share more stories.



November 19th- 398.2 Storytelling Festival, Singapore

Craig is delighted to share two storytelling sessions on Sunday the 19th of November as part of the 398.2 Storytelling Festival. Expect lots of song, music, rhythm and laughs as he excites audiences of all ages with his fun tales.



November 24th - November 30th: Go Go Story, Borneo, Malaysia

Craig is delighted to be a featured storyteller at Go Go Story- IKA Sarawak Storytelling Tour organised by IKA Picture Story House, Borneo. Craig is looking forward to sharing a collection of folktales and fairy tales alongside storytelling workshops on 'how to tell stories without words'.




December 1st - December 11th: International Buddhist Storytelling Festival 2017, Malaysia

Craig is honoured to be invited back to participate in the International Buddhist Storytelling Festival 2017  after the success of his sessions in 2016. The theme of the festival will be 'wisdom under the bodhi tree' and Craig will share a series of stories that promote good values, as well as run a series of workshops for university students on different areas of storytelling practice.




December 18th - December 24th: Il Centre Delle Storie Tour, Italy

Craig is very excited to be performing in Italy for the first time with a series of school shows, workshops (for teachers) and a public theatre show in Portico di Romagna. The performances will be re-workings of Craig's signature animal folktales - action packed and full of lots of songs and fun for his new audiences. 


Recent news


April 18th - May 18th: Panchatantra and Ramayana, Hawaii

Craig will be sharing tales from the Panchatantra (traditional Indian folktales) and episodes from the Indian epic Ramayana on three islands: Oahu, The Big Island and Maui. Alongside private shows in schools, senior centres, and universities, Craig will be performing for the public at the following: 

Panchatantra and Ramayana, Hawaii Pacific University Theatre, 22nd of April 2017

Many Ramayanas, Arts @ Marks Garage, 29th of April 2017

Hawaii Book and Music Festival, 7th of May 2017,

  • 11:00am- Ramayana: Life and Story

  • 2:00pm- Folktales for Children

  • 3:00pm- Travel Tales (with Jeff Gere)

  • 4:00pm- Family Show (with Jeff Gere)

Panchatantra and Ramayana, East Hawaiian Cultural Centre, 12th of May 2017

Ramayana: Surpunakha, ProArts Theatre, 13th of May 2017

Ramayana: Life and Story, Maui Coffee Attic, 15th of May 2017


22nd of May - 9th of June: Schools Storytelling, London

Craig will be performing in seven schools and nurseries across the London boroughs of Waltham Forest, Newham and Lambeth, as well as delivering a workshop for parents/carers on 'storytelling skills to use at home' and a teacher training workshop on 'storytelling with older children'.


June - August 2017: Storytelling at the Kattaikkuttu Gurukulam, India

Craig will be undertaking an artist-in-residence position at the Kattaikkuttu Gurukulam, a residential theatre school in Tamil Nadu, South India. During this time he will run a series of storytelling projects that will focus on gender and performance within the stories of Draupadi's disrobing (from the Mahabharata), Hans Christian Anderson's The Little Mermaid and the Sundara Kanda (The Book of Beauty) from the Ramayana. 


July 29th - July 30th 2017: AKT Festival, Singapore

Craig will be debuting his new collection of interactive folktales at the AKT Theatre festival, Singapore, as well as devising an original piece of storytelling theatre with a group of children and young adults.



July 31st - August 1st 2017: Storytelling Association. Singapore

Craig will be leading 'Fresh Ways with Simple Stories' - a six hour workshop exploring the techniques needed to develop simple stories into fresh and engaging performance pieces. Using well-known world folk and fairy tales, Craig will show you how to interpret these classic stories in new and innovative ways, by adding songs, music, humour, movement and characterisation, while still retaining the essence of the original tale.

Places on the workshop can be booked by clicking HERE


August 21st - August 23rd 2017: Storytelling on Olelo TV, Hawaii

Craig is happy to share that four of his performances will be broadcast on Olelo TV, Hawaii.

The stories: Lion and Mouse, Monkeys in the Garden, Old Lady and the Crow and Papa Crow and Mama Crow- will be shown on:

Monday August 21st at 10.30pm -12.00am
Wednesday August 23rd at 2:00pm - 3:30pm.

and will be played as 'filler' throughout their other programming until November 11th 2017.


August 23rd - September 3rd 2017: Under the Aalamaram, India

For the third year running, Craig will be featured in the 'Under the Aalamaram International Storytelling Festival' and delight audiences in Chennai, Coimbatore and Madurai with his high-energy Bollywood/Kollywood inspired folktales. He will also be leading workshops on 'Storytelling Without Words' and 'Gender and Storytelling' and be featured in a public storytelling showcase and the historic and renowned Museum Theatre, Chennai. 


September 7th - September 10th: The Ever After Story Spree, Chandigarh

Craig will be a featured teller at the first ever 'Story Spree' in Chandigarh, North India. Alongside storytellers Deeptha Vivekanand and Nisha Abdulla, Craig will be performing storytelling performances for children and adults in both schools and theatres. He will also be running two workshops: one on Devised Drama and the other on Drawing and Storytelling. 


September 14th - September 17th 2017: Hippocampus, Bangalore

Craig will be sharing fun and fables in schools, libraries and theatres across Bangalore as he invites children and their families to enjoy his contemporary retellings of Aesop's Fables.  He will also be inviting storytellers, teachers, performers, parents, etc, to enjoy a special Ramayana inspired performance - dedicated entirely to Surpunakha- the first time he has performed this show in India.