Craig is an inspiring and accomplished workshop leader specialising in storytelling theatre and creative education. Engaging, informative and interactive, Craig tailors all of his workshops to the needs of the groups involved and is able to devise and deliver bespoke training for organisations and individuals. Workshops can be half day, full day or booked as a series of sessions. 



Craig runs workshops for teachers as part of their continuing professional development (CPD). These workshops have been on a wide range of different topics including: 

  • Introduction to Storytelling
  • Techniques of Performance Storytelling
  • Using Storytelling in the Classroom
  • Story-reading into Story-telling
  • Old Stories in the Modern World
  • Gender and Storytelling
  • Storytelling Without Words

Craig also delivers workshops for teachers on specific genres of stories (e.g. traditional tales, religious narratives), topics and on creative ways of developing literacy through the art of telling stories. 



Craig runs specific skills based workshops for performers (of all disciplines) who are interested in developing storytelling techniques within their practice. These workshops focus on areas such as: voice, characterisation, movement, language, rhythm, voice modulation, gesture, expression and how to select stories and edit/modify story content. Workshops for performers can be held either as a group or as one to one mentoring.



Craig runs fun and engaging workshops for children of all ages. These workshops allow children to explore different ways of telling stories in both educational and entertaining ways. Workshops for children can be tailored to different themes, genres and stories and can be used to encourage literacy and creative writing or to create a small storytelling performance. Craig's workshops in schools were rated OUTSTANDING in 2012 by OFSTED (Government Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills) with comments that:

Professional storyteller (Craig Jenkins) completely captivated a Reception class with his inspiring action- packed telling of Aesop’s Fable, ‘The Crow and the Snake’. The children made rapid progress listening and responding to all the well-chosen opportunities to promote letters and sounds and numeracy that were cleverly drawn from the story.


If you are interested in booking a workshop or want to find out more please click HERE to send Craig a message with your request.