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One of the best young storyteller I've ever known.

Mochamad Ariyo Faridh Zidni, Head of Ayo Dongeng Indonesia Community | Director of Indonesia Storytelling Festival


Craig Jenkins is a whole new generation of storyteller. His diligent search for story with purpose is so well placed in the heart warming contact he creates with his audiences across the world. His humour and timing make for stunning performance; the teacher in him nurtures participation in cross cultural audiences and he has made a difference to so many lives of pupils with his teaching and mentoring methods.

Dr Vayu Naidu, Storyteller, Author of 'Sita's Ascent'


Craig’s storytelling sessions, filled with theatrics and audience participation, have made  storytelling come alive at Davies Lane Primary. His highly skilled improvisation and energy have engaged pupils of all ages and abilities.  Based with strong cultural and moral messages, the stories act as a means of entertainment and education for all our children. They relate well to the characters and have truly benefited from these magical experiences over the past eight years.

Bronwen Chalmers, Headteacher, Davies Lane School


I was really amazed with his strong engagement and the connection built between himself and the teenage audience. With his simple and clear English, plus lively and humorous elements, Craig made all our young Asian adults audience,  were in trance in the world of folktales, world of stories, world of imagination.

Ng Kok Keong, Director of The International Buddhist Storytelling Festival (2016)


Craig has a wonderful sense of empathy and connection to the stories he tells, inviting his students young and old to open up and not only enjoy the stories he shares, but be changed by them. He uses his storytelling to engage his audiences and encourage them to view the world around them in a different light

Melissa Mowry, Workshop Participant, USA


Craig Jenkins can take a simple story and weave in his charm and magic to make that story touch the hearts of both old and young.  His physical expression can carry a story effortlessly across language barriers, his quick wit and warm personality shine through, as does his deft touch with  using cultural  references to create deeper links with his audiences.

Sheila Wee, President of the Storytelling Association (Singapore)


Craig is quite simply the best storyteller we've hosted in our school. A born storyteller who can keep hundreds of children and adults at once in the palm of his hand as he weaves his storytelling magic. His tales inspire and enthrall.

Christina Yoshi Balolla, Teacher, Torridon Primary School


You tell stories as if you're breathing them; with the ability to twist and transform them and make them work for any audience, and draw children and adults into your world. It's wonderful to watch you become the characters and enchant your audience with creative retellings. You are uniquely making an ancient art work for the modern world we live in - it's fun, it's intelligent, it's often full of humour, always emotion-filled, and always a pleasure

Georgie Carroll, Audience Member, London


Craig is a magical storyteller. I have worked with him on some immersive theatre projects where his stories have captivated the youngest and oldest audience members and everyone in between. He is a great collaborator; able to offer up the most appropriate stories for the audiences we work with and happy to tell his stories in any environment

Sophie Austin, Artistic Director, Teatro Vivo


Craig tells stories, with words and without. He cleverly unravels his narratives and wit through body movements, rhythym and sounds that results to spectacular yet emotional imagery.

Richard Dian Villar, Artistic Director at Kaliwat Performing Arts Collective, Phillipines


Pupils and staff alike were charmed by Craig's animated expressions, gestures and characters. The way he used familiar stories and adapted them to suit the setting, then invited the audience to be a part of the plot; allowed us to be the developing magic in the story. All in all an unforgettable and memorable experience for all involved.

Year 5 Teacher, Torridon Primary School


Craig’s stories and his story telling are fantastic!  He is creative, dynamic and very engaging.  Children come alive as they work with him; he maintains their 100% interest and attention.  His workshops for parents are equally excellent and always very well received at our school.

Peter Lewis, Headteacher, Emmanuel Community School, London


Craig Jenkins' storytelling session 'Broken Red Bangles' was a moving performance that drew on the Indian traditions of oral storytelling.  It was a live, interactive and engaging performance which was very well received’

India Digest (Fortnightly Publication of the High Commission of India, London), December 2013, Vol.11, Issue: 24


I have always been inspired by Craig’s storytelling practice and the commitment shown to engage with communities that are unable to access the often very particular, socially bounded and financially regulated spaces produced for contemporary storytelling performances. His ability to build social issues and concerns into his stories in a beautiful and accessible manner enables the audience to critically engage with them -whoever the audience may be. This not only marks him out as an important performance artist in his field but is also a testament to his incredible skill and creativity as an artist.

Enid Still, Anthropologist, Savitribai Phule Pune University, India